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Till & VAT


All the functions of an electronic cash register can be performed through the PCS Cheltenham Till System. You have no need for a cash register as the sales are entered directly into the computer.


This has three main advantages over a conventional till.

  • First, sales can be logged against a patient, building up a history of purchases for an individual.

  • Second, items sold are automatically deducted from the Stock System.

  • Third, VAT is apportioned correctly on each item sold, as requested by H.M. Customs and Excise. In use, the system is both fast and simple

Type the short stock codes (or scan the labels with a bar code reader), confirm the pricing, and record any initial payments or deposits. A fully itemised receipt is produced, showing the patient what they have purchased, and any balance owing. 



The system allows any number of payments to be made against an invoice, and provides detailed information for cashing up at the end of day. Other reports include practice turnover, profit by individual item, product group (frames, solutions etc.) and even by invoice.

The Till System provides a complete audit trail of every sale. This not only allows the practitioner to see exactly how the business is doing, but also provides additional security.

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