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The PCS Cheltenham Appointment System performs all the tasks associated with a manual diary, but being computerised, it can be accessed on any screen within your practice. Bookings can be made in locations other than just the reception desk.



This also allows an examiner to check their schedule, or see if the next patient has arrived, without leaving the examination room. Quick search routines enable reception staff to find free appointments, while Appointment History shows every booking a patient has ever made or missed. Appointment times can be varied and extra appointments can be 'slotted in' during the working day as required. ;


All packaged systems include full telephone support for the first year. This tends to be used by most practices as a sounding board for ideas and implementation issues.


Sometimes it is helpful to have someone who understands the issues of running an optical practice to discuss things with. It is also reassuring, as the data in the system soon becomes a valuable asset to any practice. As a computer systems supplier PCS Cheltenham are in the enviable position of being able to offer a depth of knowledge that is not possible from other sources.



"All-in-One" -picture below is a complete PC



We are aware that for many practices space is limited, the arrival of Flat Screens have helped, but the there is always the computer 'box' either sitting under the screen or the desk, which eats up space.

PCS Cheltenham can now supply a solution - the 'All-In-One' Flat Screen Computer.
(*Note - 17 inch screen)))


It has a Stylish 17" colour flat screen incorporating all the computer components into its housing. They come with a 17" screen which occupies no more space than a 15" with it's smaller bezel but is helpful for those who are a little presbyopic!

We provide large multi-user networks as well as simple single user computers.


EPOS, bar code scanner, till printers and cash drawers are all available to integrate with our software.


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