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The PCS Cheltenham Patient Management System contains the most effective marketing functions available. Put simply, you can search on any information entered about a patient, and cross reference that with any other information.


The results of such a search can even be used as the starting point for a subsequent search, further refining the criteria. Specific, targeted promotions can be much more effective than the wide ’scatter gun’ approach.


Once a group of patients has been selected, you can print any letter, form or report from within the Patient Management System, or pass the results into a third party application, such as Microsoft Word or Lotus Word Pro.


This allows the production of full colour promotional leaflets with text, photographs and logos alongside the patients details in almost any format.



The marketing function can even be used to make bulk changes to patient details.


For example everyone with a ’0181’ telephone number can be changed to ’0208’, or all patients with a title of ’Master’ aged over 16 can be changed to ’Mr’.



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