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The PCS Cheltenham Dispensing System can simplify the whole dispensing process. From assisting with lens selection, printing the final order, deducting items from stock and linking to a patients invoice. This system can be used in different ways, depending on the functionality required by the practice. It works equally well as a dispensing aid to be used in front of the patient, or as a system to process orders after the patient has left. When used in front of a patient, the system can list all the lenses available for a given Rx, and price each option to the practices own mark-up. The patient can then make an informed decision, and the dispenser is reminded of alternative lens choices to discuss. Adding a lens to the order is as simple as selecting it from the list.

Other practices choose to use the system to record the results of the dispense, and print the final order. If so, the dispenser needs only to type the short stock codes for the frame, lenses and any additional items (tints, coatings etc.) and the order is almost complete.


The final stage, regardless of the mode of operation, is to select which supplier the order is being sent to (this may be an in-house lab), and add any final details such as tray number and an expected completion date.

Errors are reduced through software validation i.e. all cyls must have an axis, and the fact that printed orders will stop handwriting errors.


The final order will show all costs to the patient and can includes any additional notes as required.


Completed orders can then be printed in house and/or sent via a fax-modem to suppliers worldwide. A ’Sent Orders’ report is produced that can be used for checking off jobs as they come back, and identifying those still outstanding. Orders are maintained on the system and can be reviewed at any time, providing a complete dispense history. The lens database can be printed out to provide a lens price book.


A practice is able to alter is mark-up formula, and re-print its lens price book any any time. Completed orders can be deducted from stock at the point of dispense. Alternatively, if a practice has implemented the Till System, orders can be passed to an invoice, where stock control is performed automatically. By passing the order straight to the Till system, the receptionist will not have to key the individual items onto the invoice. The dispensing order is picked up as one, and all items are instantly added.

As with all PCS Cheltenham software, the Dispensing System is flexible and includes a sophisticated search facility. Some practices have adapted the system to produce dispensing values by staff member, and pay bonuses accordingly. Others wish to monitor the number of tints or coatings being dispensed.


The unique flexibility of the system allows a practice to match the system with the functionality they require.

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