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Contact Lenses


With the success of disposable and frequent replacement lenses many practices now have patients wearing this type of contact lens.


Annual care schemes and lens insurance plans are also covered. By entering the details of a patients contact lenses once, the system can produce monthly reports showing future lens requirements, expected payments, annual care scheme and insurance renewals as required.



The system is designed to operate with minimal input from the practice staff. Once the lens details are entered, you will only need to update them if the patient changes lenses, misses a payment or fails to collect.

The PCS Cheltenham Patient Management System significantly reduces the work required to administer such schemes. Whether it's just ensuring the patient attends regular contact lens check-ups, or controlling monthly payments and quarterly collections, our Contact Lens Administration System is designed to help.


This frees the practice staff from the computer and allows them to spend more time with patients.



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