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  The ease of navigating well presented menus, an efficient Recall System, Practice Accounts, Stock and Dispensing tools are all amenable even if, like myself, your computer skills are modest."


How PCS Cheltenham's Practice Management System has provided "jaw-dropping" results within a "medium" sized independent practice in the South West of England


Nilan Karadia (MCOptom) purchased an independent "medium" sized practice roughly seven months ago in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare..The practice had been running successfully for many years with well established patients and staff.

The Practice Management System that was purchased with the Practice had been up and running for some years by the Practice's previous owners and was known well to existing staff.


From the offset Nilan recognised issues with his inherited system, his main contributing factor to sourcing a new Practice Management System -"I was presented with an astonishingly high annual support contract from the inherited software company".

One of PCS Cheltenham's unique selling pointsis the fact that we charge a very small yearly support fee which Nilan sums up by saying "you may be unaware that your annual maintenance fee is a fraction of your competitors, for a service that, in my view, eclipses theirs".

This in itself sums up PCS Cheltenham's ethos that support service costs should not be over bearing, should reflect on service provided and peace of mind rather than high ongoing maintenance fees for systems.


In an ever changing and demanding environment it was important for NK Opticians to have a really effective Practice Management System that would meet their needs while providing cost effective customer support.

PCS Cheltenham were pleased to be approached and answer simply to the burning question - could the existing data be transferred from the inherited system into PCS Cheltenham?The data was migrated by PCS Cheltenham's dedicated support team and Nilan was presented with his new system ready to run out of the box on arrival at his practice.

As Nilan has described the system is easy to use and often surprises users with how easy patient data can be accessed, reported on and updated


According to Nilan Karadia - the migration from his inherited Practice Management System to PCS Cheltenham "has been successful" and he emphasises "how delighted my staff and I are with your system".

Nilan demonstrates this by saying "The ease of navigating well presented menus, an efficient recall system, Practice Accounts, Stock and Dispensing tools are amenable even if, like myself, your computer skills are modest".

PCS Cheltenham have always provided second to none support to all its customers and when it came to choosing Nilan recognised this as one of his key factors when sourcing a new Practice Management System Supplier. When asked to comment on this part of the service, Nilan promptly replied "We find the dial up facility, when PCS Cheltenham can see and act upon the information we are seeing on our monitors, simply jaw-dropping".

PCS Cheltenham are proud to be associated with this and hundreds of other independent practices throughout the UK and Ireland.


PCS Patient Management:

  • Patient Recall

  • Contact Lens Administration

  • Marketing

  • Auto Addressing

  • Suppliers

  • Stock Control

  • Till

  • Practice Accounts & VAT


  •   A quick & easy Recall System..

  •   Prints letters, postcards, labels, lists etc.

  •   NHS Form printing

  •   Unlimited Marketing Options

  •   Use Postcode to generate patient addresses

  •   Highly Stable & Reliable System

  •   Free Format Notes for each Patient

  •   Data Transfer from Other Systems

  •   Full Contact Lens Administration System

  •   Customisable to Your Own Requirements

For Further information or to arrange a demonstration - please contact us.

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