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Designed for use on the reception desk, the Appointment System performs all the tasks associated with a manual system, but being computerised, it can be accessed on any screen within your practice. This allows an Optician to check their schedule, or see if the next patient has arrived, without leaving the examination room.

Key Benefits:

  • Can operate multiple clinics on the same day..

  • Variable appointment times (slots).

  • Direct link to patient's details already held within Recall system.

  • Quick access to appointment history for any patient.

  • Printed daily appointment sheets for each clinic.

  • Single click access to Book, Cancel and Search For an appointment.

  • Track patients around the practice by their 'Status'.

  • Quickly insert additional appointment slots as required.

  • Available on any screen, anywhere in your practice.

  • Up to 4 lines of notes against each appointment.

  • Automatically calculates if patient is old (existing) or new.

  • Instant statistics on percentage booked and new to old patient ratios.

  • Prints immediate appointment confirmation (patient appointment card).

  • Quickly search for the next available appointment by day, time or clinic.

  • User definable 'Appointment Types'

Quick search routines enable reception, or other staff, to find free appointments, while Appointment History shows every booking a patient has ever made or missed.

Diary Page - Day View

Appointment times can be varied and extra appointments can be ’slotted in’ during the working day as required.

"One Click" on an appointment links seamlessly to produce a patient till receipt, for payments and full VAT invoices.
The Appointments System integrates seamlessly with the latest version of the PCS Cheltenham software that has been designed specifically for Windows

Diary Page - Forward Planner / Month View

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